About us

Back home in Scotland in 2004, our 12 year old Golden Retriever began to stumble and lose balance. She was struggling to get up and tripping while walking and her strength was vanishing. It was awful to see her lose mobility, scuffed paws, discomfort and looking so sad. Our Veterinarian could only treat her pain and eventually we had to say goodbye. There was nothing available within a wide geographical area to treat the problem.

We discovered Hydrotherapy when we went to collect our new pup and the breeders shared with us the benefits of structured water therapy as a recuperative process - supporting muscle loss, keeping the dogs supple and improving quality of life for the animals and their owners. We were determined to find a way to offer this service and expertise to other dog owners. 15 years later, this is not just a business for us, this is our vocation. We make it a point of being the best in the business – because we love our dogs as much as you love yours.

We treat every dog like our own and do everything in our power to make a difference for pet and owner.

We continue our journey here in the USA and look forward to seeing how we can help you and your family by sharing our expertise and know-how, so please get in touch. There’s no harm in talking through the options.

Clark & Sandra Wilson

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